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THE LD Nutrition Stadium boasts superb facilities for disabled supporters, offering some of the very best available vantage points for you to enjoy the action from.

Furthermore, we have a large amount of disabled car parking available on site, meaning only a short trip from vehicles to your place in the ground.

Away supporters wishing to secure disabled car parking or admission are kindly asked to contact the Rovers’ ticketing team - by emailing - several days before the day of a game in order to ensure your request can be handled appropriately.

Disabled supporters wishing to attend Featherstone Rovers matches on a match-by-match basis must pay the full and appropriate admission charge, according to age for which the application is made.

They will be entitled to a free 'Carer Ticket' for any match for which they pay an admission charge. To be eligible for the free 'Carer Ticket' you must bring relevant proof that you are in receipt of a Carer Component in the Disability Living Allowance for each match attended.

The above also applies to away supporters. Appropriate proof of disability must be included if applying in advance to the LD Nutrition Stadium. We advise away supporters to book their tickets in advance of the fixture date on 01977 781672.

Disabled supporters should currently be in receipt of either the Higher-Medium rate Mobility or Higher Care Components of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) OR P.I.P.

Disabled Supporters will also need to submit copies of the DLA or PIP.

For further details surrounding disabled parking at the LD Nutrition Stadium, please contact Veronica Bridges on 01977 781671 or via email