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- What happens if I lose my membership booklet?

A replacement membership booklet can be ordered at a pro-rata rate, dependant on games of the regular season remaining - and a new membership number would be supplied as a result.

- Is the direct debit scheme a credit agreement?

No. It is a spread payment plan and you will not be required to complete any credit checks prior to purchase.

- If I default on payments what happens?

You will be contacted by the club’s official credit partner - Debit Finance Collection - upon the payment being returned. A second level of contact should the payment still remain unpaid past beyond 14 working days. Further contact will be made beyond this point and cancellation could follow should it remain unsettled. 

- If I default on payments, do I receive a refund for monies already paid?

No. All monies paid, should a breach of terms be incurred, will be held by Featherstone Rovers Rugby League Football Club.

- Who is responsible for the spread payment plan?

The spread payment plan is entirely operated by Debit Finance Collection.

- What proof of identification is required when purchasing my membership and what is it needed for? 

Proof of identity is required to confirm you of the required age to purchased either adult, concession or juniors passes. In terms of identity required, a drivers’ licence, passport or birth certificate can be displayed.

- If paying for my membership via direct debit, when will I receive it?

Memberships being paid for via direct debit will be available for collection from February 1st 2018. A membership collection day will take place prior to the first game of the 2018 season.

- If turn 60 or 17 halfway through the season, what membership should I purchase?

Your membership admission level will be decided based on the age you are before February 1st 2018. 

- Can I order a season ticket for someone else?

Yes, you can, though proof of identity will be required upon collection - and all accurate contact details must be given on the day of purchased.

- Can I collect a season ticket for someone else?

You can, providing proof of identity and contact details for the person in question are provided upon collection.

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